Staff Training

PMVA (Prevention and Management of Violence and aggression) training helps to reduce the risks of violence and aggression.

Duration of Course

1 Day Refresher/3 Day PMVA

Refresher 1 Day Course is aimed at those who already hold a full PMVA Certificate that is due to expire but is still in date. IF your full training certificate has already expired, we suggest that you look at taking our full 3 Day Course.

  • Health and Safety at Work Act

  • Personal Safety Awareness & Challenging Behaviour

  • The Law and the Use of Reasonable Force

  • Mental Capacity Act

  • Risk in Restraint

  • Recent Influences on Physical Intervention (Guidelines)


  • Human Right Act

  • Conflict Management 9De-escalation and Communication)

  • Wrist Grabs (parallel and Diagonal)

  • Clothing Grabs (Various)

  • Slaps, Punches and Kicks

  • Hair Pulls (*Various including Pony Tail Grabs)

  • Chair De-escalation

  • Strangle holds

  • Planned Approach ( Restraining Violent Patient as Part of a Response Team)

  • Role of the Head Person

  • Prone Restraint

  • Managing Legs

  • Supine Restraint & IM Medication

  • Turning the Patient

  • Seclusion Exits & Seated De-escalation