How Pay rates Work

Care homes set their Pay rates.  They vary at each care location and type of shift. You will see the pay rate offered in the Nurse24 Mobile App before you apply for a shift. The rates below provide the average range you can earn. You may also see higher or lower rates than the below.

Registered Nurses RMN/RGN


Senior Healthcare Assistants


Support Workers


Healthcare Assistants


How Payments work

We pay you weekly by direct transfer to your bank/ building society accounts by BACS. The Payroll Cycle runs weekly from Monday to the following Sunday.  Payslips/Remittance Notices will be available on Thursday evening to be paid on Friday of the same week. If you have any Payroll enquiries, please call us on 03330051999 or email :

How to send Timesheets

The majority of our clients accept electronic timesheets in the Nurse24 app. If a Care home still require paper timesheets we will let you know. 

Where a paper timesheet is required, we can accept Scanned PDF signed copies of the timesheet. This can be done via a scanner or through a scanning app on your phone.

Download Tiny PDF Scanner below :

Apple Store here:

Android users here:

When using Tiny PDF Scanner please note that you have to hold your smartphone in place a few seconds after scan appears to have been taken to ensure high quality. The free version allows you to take only two scans but you can always clear these down to create space for new timesheets.

Once you have taken the Scan please email your timesheets to :

Your timesheet must reach us  12:00pm Monday for payment Friday.

To be paid promptly, please ensure your completed timesheet meets the following requirements:
– Please only send PDFs, our payroll system will not recognize pictures

– Only send your email once

– Only send one image per attachment – please do not scan 2 timesheets as one page

– If you have emailed your timesheets, please do not also post a copy

The most important part of this process is the quality of the scan. If you cannot make out what the scan says neither can we. By ensuring the scan is of a highest standard it will ensure you are paid promptly.