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Head here to complete our sign up form. We will create your Nurse24 profile and email the app download link & log in details.

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Upload compliance documents to verify your Identity, DBS, Right to Work and immunisations. Complete a video interview and receive your ID badge & staff handbook

Step 3. Apply for Shifts !

You’re in ! Update your availability calendar. Get notified of open shifts that fit your schedule. Apply for shifts and receive a notification once you’re approved. Submit online timesheets & get paid directly by the care provider.

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FAQs-Temporary Shifts


 Monday – Friday 9am-5pm. But when it comes to booking your next shift, we have no business hours. They are accepted via our digital platform or app any time, day or night

Nurse24™  empowers nurses. You can see every job that fits you. You can apply to them. And you can book them. It’s simple – with Nurse24™, you’re in charge of your career.

We connect you with a variety of flexible nursing and care shifts throughout the UK. 

Yes. If you need a DBS or your DBS needs updating we can apply for one for you. The cost of a DBS is £55.

Nurse24™ interviews happen through video recording software so that you can complete your interview whenever and wherever you want. The full interview only takes about 20 minutes.

Your interview will be fairly informal, but come prepared to impress. You’ll be recording answers to a series of questions that help us get to know you better, and then  scenario based questions that assess your skills and experience. We’re looking for motivated and enthusiastic nurses and carers, so this is your time to shine and stand out from the crowd.

All you need to participate in the interview is a smartphone or computer that has a webcam and mic (most smartphones and laptops do) – no fancy equipment required! And, don’t worry, if you don’t have access to a smartphone or computer with these capabilities, we can make special accommodations.

Yes you will need to have your own professional indemnity insurance. Nurses working outside of the NHS are legally required to have the correct professional indemnity insurance in retaining NMC registration. Professional indemnity insurance helps to cover you for any professional negligence claims or allegations of malpractice. You can get indemnity insurance from a number of sources. They’re easy to find on the internet and you’re able to choose from several options.

There are independent organisations which also provide this insurance, for example UNISON. If you’re a member of the RCN they will cover your professional actions.

We aim to get your worker profile approved as quickly as possible. A nurse adviser will guide you through the process. In order to approve your profile, we will require a clear DBS report, proof of eligibility to work in the UK, satisfactory references and mandatory training. If all goes smoothly, the process can take a few days.

A. We accept candidates who hold full-time /part-time posts with other organisations. Multi-agency registration is certainly permissible. However, we cannot supply you into the same workplace where you hold a substantive post but we can provide you with work elsewhere.

We will accept your training if it is aligned with the CSTF Skills for Health framework and this must be verified by the training provider. 

Nurse24™ fully complies with the Data Protection Act. If you would like to see a copy of the data we hold on you please contact us.


Care providers determine pay rate per assignment and location. You will see the pay rate offer alongside other shift information before you apply for the shift. 

You are paid via PAYE, and will get a payslip by email . 

In your payslip, you will see :

  1. Your pay for any shifts
  2. Your tax deducted 
  3. Pension contributions (once you’ve worked with us for three months)
  4. Any referral bonuses from our referral scheme
  5. Any DBS/Uniform refund

You are paid directly by the Care Provider. The payments are processed via the Nure24 platform. You are paid weekly by direct transfer to your bank by BACS. The Payroll week runs from Monday to the following Sunday.Payslips will be available on Thursday evening. You need to submit your timesheets by Monday 12 pm following the week you have worked.

Unfortunately, you will not get paid for your travel by the Care Provider.

Yes, you are entitled to 28 days paid holiday per year . Holiday Pay is at 12.07% of your total hours. This will be rolled up in your hourly pay rates. You do not need to claim this separately. Holiday pay isn’t itemised in your payslip.

Yes, after three months of working with us, we will provide you with details for a workplace pension run by Peoples Pension. You will decide what contribution you’d like to make, and we will also make a statutory contribution.


All open shifts are published in the Nurse24 app. Simply log into your account via the app or web portal.

To book a shift:

  1. Click onto the ‘Vacancies Tab’ 

  2. Look through all available shifts to find one that would match what you are looking for.

  3. Click onto the shift to bring up more information 

  4. If you are interested in the shift, click ‘apply’

By applying for a shift, you have registered your interest to the client and are waiting for them to review the shift and decide if you would be best suited. Should you be approved, you will a notification letting you know and will also see this under your ‘Bookings’ tab

You are able to apply for more than one shift at a time so if you are looking to work on a particular date, do apply to all the shifts you would be interested in to ensure that you can try and guarantee work.  

Please do always check before applying for shifts that you are happy with the date and timings of the shift and where the home is located. Nurse24 takes cancellations very seriously!

Tell them to request you the next time they book. You will get a push notification before everyone else and have at least 90 minutes to accept it. If you’ve already talked to them and know you can work the day they suggest, make sure they write that in the booking. Then we can directly add you to the booking.

The main reason you can no longer see the shift in the system is simply because the shift got accepted by another nurse or carer first. 

Don’t be discouraged! Due to the nature of agency roles, open shifts often fill quickly. Accept a shift as quickly as you can when you receive a notification.

You can cancel upcoming shifts by calling us on 03330051999(24hrs). Nurse24™ takes cancellations very seriously. By accepting a shift  you have entered into a contract with the employer to work the agreed date and time. If you frequently cancel shifts without valid explanations, employers may request to remove you from covering their allocated staff bank. This means you will get few  invitations to shifts via Nurse24™

We have robust complaints policies & procedures. If you want to complain or report a concern about an issue on your shift please contact us immediately. A Clinical Lead nurse will support you through the procedure

No. You are under no obligation to give us notice. 

But if you have a future booking, we’d be grateful if you could give us a week or two before leaving, so we can ensure that class or nursery can have a suitable replacement.

Uniform & ID Badge

As soon as your profile is completed and activated in the system (after references and DBS checks are concluded), we will post you the ID badge. Please make sure that you wear this badge all the time. If you misplace your ID badge and need a replacement, please call us on 03330051999.

Yes, we provide uniforms.  You can purchase a tunic in our online shop at We reimburse the cost of the tunics after your 5th shift with us. Carers are required to wear black trousers (or skirt) and a Sy blue tunic with the Nurse24 ID badge. Nurses must wear a Navy blue uniform with the Nurse24 ID badge.

Ready for Flexible work with no commitments ?

We’ll never pressure you to take a shift you don’t want, or punish you if you fall off the radar for a while. Simply update your availability or apply for shifts whenever you want to do some work